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Year In Review: Aerosol Disinfectants

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December 27, 2020
by Shastri Mahadeo
2 Minutes

The following insights are powered by Nielsen in partnership with Unioncrate, an artificial intelligence demand planning platform that combines consumer behavior and historical shipment data to predict sales and inventory with up to 91.6% SKU-level accuracy.


Welcome to Day 27 of Unioncrate’s Year In Review, focusing on the aerosol disinfectant category and its 127.6% growth this year.

Aerosol Disinfectants

  • Aerosol disinfectants were among the products that caused a supply chain crisis earlier in the year, making shopping a competitive sport. The category jumped 322.5% in the 4-week period ended 3/21.
  • Growth has remained extremely high, staying in the triple digits throughout the pandemic. The lowest the category got was still an increase of 119.8% in the 4-week period ended 7/11. 
  • Overall, the category’s growth went up 155.5% during the pandemic, making it a standout year for this sector.

Success Is In The Air

  • Lysol’s disinfectant spray became so hard to find that the stores that were still stocking it made the news, with reports about where consumers could find the sought-after product coming out weekly.
  • Seventh Generation became a standout brand for shoppers wanting to be free of germs without harsh chemicals, giving them an ultra successful year for product sales.
  • The EPA put together a list of cleaners and disinfectants that could kill the Coronavirus, with Lysol, Clorox, and Purell all making the cut.
  • Disinfectant products were so desired that consumers had to watch out for companies selling fake cleaners that did not actually kill germs, marketing knockoff versions of brands like Lysol and Clorox as the real deal.

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