More accurate forecasts.
Less work to get them.

We give CPG brands the demand planning tools they need to compete and win in rapidly changing markets. Our AI-powered IBP platform delivers actionable planning insights to optimize working capital, improve margins, and proactively align operations with the pace of demand.

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Accurate. Granular. Actionable.

Forecast accurately and make planning decisions faster to reduce working capital, maximize sales, and optimize marketing investments.

Granular Intelligence
Granular Intelligence

Predictions are auto-generated from the SKU-level up so you analyze your sales forecasts using any combination—by channel, customer, distribution, brand, warehouse, and segment.

Agile & Dynamic
Agile & Dynamic

Our AI identifies the relationships between shipments, store-level sales, seasonality, inventory turnover, and marketing investment to help you plan better under any situation.

Unified Data & Teams
Unified Data & Teams

All vital sales, supply, finance, and operational data are centralized on the platform so you can plan your supply chain without tedious back-and-forth between teams.

Screenshot of Unioncrate's demand forecasting feature

Unite artificial intelligence with human intelligence.

A first-of-its-kind collaboration that enables sales, marketing, and finance teams to adjust our AI-generated forecasts with distribution changes, new marketing investments, supply constraints, and other buyer communication.

Unioncrate IBP Platform - Adjusted Forecasts
AI with Human Influence

Collaborate across departments and adjust our unlocked forecasts by inputting volume changes that can be automatically factored into future forecasts or treated as a one-time occurrence.

Unioncrate IBP Platform
Approve or Deny Adjustments

Forecasts that are adjusted by manual inputs can be submitted for approval, and a supervising user can then approve or reject any changes. Easily view and analyze our AI forecasts, augmented forecasts, as well as your own manual forecasts in one place.

Screenshot of Unioncrate's demand forecasting feature with actuals vs. predicted salesScreenshot of Unioncrate's demand forecasting feature with forecast modifications

Dynamic planning insights for a
360-degree view of demand.

We automate the data analyses that would otherwise take countless manual hours to compute and deliver the intelligence you need to understand past results and future sales.

Screenshot of Unioncrate's demand forecasting feature with factors contributing to error

Easily identify the factors that contributed to past forecasting errors.

Understand what's causing forecast errors without spending hours digging through reports or analyzing data from sales, supply, marketing, and logistics teams. Dig into errors by brand, product, customer, channel, and ship-to—ranked according to impact.

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Understand exactly what’s driving historical and future sales.

Instantly gain insights into all the factors influencing past and predicted sales—centralized, ranked, and immediately at your fingertips.

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Analyze forecast performance against actual sales.

View accuracy and error percentages using WMAPE, MAPE, MAD or BIAS at the SKU level, and filter by channel, customer, distribution, brand, warehouse, and segment—at the click of a button.

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Experiment with different sales, supply, and budget scenarios.

Easily collaborate with different teams by adjusting our AI-generated forecasts, or by uploading your own manual forecasts, to see how various scenarios would affect your supply chain, sales, and distribution.

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Reduce working capital and easily balance supply with demand.

Forecast inventory needs and days of supply across all location types, warehouses, and individual ship-from locations at the finished good and item level.

Screenshot of Unioncrate's demand forecasting feature with inventory predictions
Complete Inventory Visibility
Complete Inventory Visibility

We build our inventory forecasts based off of predicted sales, enabling you to view and analyze your stock by channel, customer, distribution, brand, warehouse, and segment.

Reduce Shuttling Costs
Reduce Shuttling Costs

Easily gauge days of supply and predict optimal safety stock quantities at the item level across all warehouses, allowing you to reduce costly transfers between locations.

Optimize Working Capital
Optimize Working Capital

Use our AI-generated inventory recommendations to avoid spoilage, dead stock, high storage costs, and other working capital inefficiencies related to all your finished goods, raw materials, and components.

Dynamic Supply Calculator
Dynamic Supply Calculator

Drill down into your individual items’ BOMs and calculate the quantities of each raw component you need for your finished goods to meet demand. Then, push those POs to your ERP.

As easy to implement as it is to use.

Deploying Unioncrate is simple, non-intrusive, and takes minimal resources from your team. We’re talking weeks, not several months.

You can run Unioncrate independently of internal ERP systems or integrate them with internal systems—whichever is more convenient. You don't have to rip out existing platforms or disrupt your teams.

Get up and running in weeks
No consulting or setup fees
No customer support fees
No customization fees

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