More accurate forecasts.
Less work to get them.

Unioncrate’s Integrated Business Planning (IBP) platform uses AI to combine consumer behavior data with your historical shipments to predict sales and inventory with up to 91.6% accuracy—on autopilot.

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How do we make demand planning an accurate, one-click process?

Unioncrate ingests your sales and inventory data from any internal system.

We then layer in store-level consumption, promotional spend, marketing plan, seasonality and other consumer behavior data to predict sales and inventory on autopilot.

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Go ahead, get really granular.

Because predictions are built from the SKU-level up, you can dig into forecasts by channel, customer, distribution, brand, warehouse and segment without hours of data crunching.

Plan without tedious back-and-forth between teams

Predict sales across all channels and drill into predictions by customer, ship-to, brand, segment, product and more.

Gain total visibility into forecast performance

View accuracy and error reports at the SKU level, and filter SKUs by customer, channel or segment.

Quickly adapt to changes with internal plans

Easily adjust our forecast or create your own manual forecast based on different sales scenarios, plans, or budgets.

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Combine human intelligence with artificial intelligence

Unioncrate is a hybrid tool that allows sales, marketing and finance teams to adjust our AI generated forecast with new sales, distribution changes, promotional and media activity, supply and finance constraints, or other buyer communication.

Allow sales teams to easily factor in distribution changes

Input volume changes for a gain or loss in distribution to let the AI automatically factor the adjustment into future forecasts.

Collaborate with supply teams for any constraints

Easily adjust the forecast for any manufacturing issue and view how it affects supply by customer and by SKU.

Propagate company-wide forecast edits down to the SKU level

Allow your forecast adjustment to instantly update all forward looking forecasts or just a specific week, month, SKU, and customer.

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Easily reduce inventory transfer and carrying costs.

Predict inventory needs and days of supply across all location types, warehouses, and individual ship-from locations at the finished good and item level.

Optimize inventory levels with a few clicks

Predict inventory across all location types such as warehouses and individual ship-from locations based on consumer demand.

Reduce transfer costs between inventory locations

Easily gauge days of supply and predict optimal safety stock levels at the item level predictions across each warehouse.

Avoid spoilage, dead stock, and high storage costs

Get weekly inventory recommendations across all your inventory locations for finished goods, raw materials and components.

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Identify the factors contributing to forecasting errors with one-click.

Know “why” there was an error in forecasts without spending hours digging through reports and analyzing data from sales, supply, marketing, and logistics teams.

Save your team more time by automating error analysis.

Allow sales, marketing and finance to spend more time on problem solving rather than problem identifying.

Gain better visibility into what has an effect on accuracy

Drill into the factors contributing to forecast errors by brand, product, customer, channel & ship-to.

Arm sales and marketing teams with more insights

Understand what marketing tactics could be improved upon and drive more enable more data-driven communication with partners.

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Understand exactly what’s driving historical and future sales.

Open the "black box" on demand. Unioncrate reveals the factors influencing past and
predicted sales: centralized, ranked, and immediately at your fingertips.

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2020 Edition

The Consumer Packaged Goods Year in Review

The data, trends, and insights that defined the Consumer Packaged Goods industry in 2020 across five essential categories. Plus, look at what’s in store for 2021.

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As easy to implement as it is to use.

Deploying Unioncrate is simple, non-intrusive, and takes minimal resources from your team. We’re talking weeks, not several months.

You can run Unioncrate independently of internal ERP systems or integrate them with internal systems - whichever’s more convenient. You don't have to rip out existing platforms, or disrupt your teams.

Get up and running in weeks
No consulting or setup fees
No customer support fees
No customization fees

Easily integrates with

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