Your entire supply chain at your fingertips.

Unioncrate brings your sales, purchasing, and inventory into one place, automates the manual steps you waste hours on, and gives you a simple way to control everything.

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“It enabled us to stay lean...”

“It has been incredible to see how much time Unioncrate actually saves us—and it’s exceeded my expectations.

It’s enabled us to stay lean and run our multi-million-dollar business with a team of just 3.

Will Crowthers

Co-founder, Jade Leaf Matcha

Go from chaos to control with a few clicks.

No more updating spreadsheets, wrangling emails, or chasing orders—and no need to sell your soul to an ERP or "one-size-fits-none" platform. From the moment you log in, managing any cross-functional area of your business is never more than a click away.

Make tracking sales orders as easy as checking a status bar.

EDI orders, e-Commerce orders (Shopify, Amazon), manual orders, and granular sales reports are automatically centralized and updated as they're processed in the real world.

Complete Visibility

Know where your sales orders are from receipt to delivery and drill into sales performance by channel, customer, region and more.

Seamless Accounting

Save time and eliminate hours of manual accounting tasks with our one-click integrations with accounting software like QuickBooks.

Pain-free EDI

Connect via EDI to any retailers for a flat monthly fee of $1 per trading partner. Never pay setup, document, or VAN fees ever again.

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“...better than I could have hoped...”

“The biggest thing I wanted Unioncrate to do was ease the burden of inventory tracking—and they’ve accomplished that better than I could have hoped or imagined.

But my favorite part of all of this is that I don’t feel like they’re a third-party vendor. They feel like family.”

Salim Najjar

Co-founder, SOUND Brands

Keep eyes on your inventory around the clock and across the supply chain.

Unioncrate integrates with every supplier, warehouse, and 3PL you have—then gives you a granular, real-time window into your shipments and inventory.

Manage B.O.M.

Create product assemblies and track costs for all finished goods, raw materials, and components.

Track LOTs

Monitor product movement through the supply chain and manage potential recalls with ease.

Adjust & Transfer

Easily replenish, adjust, and/or transfer inventory across warehouses to optimize operational costs.

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Put purchasing on autopilot without giving up control.

Centralize and simplify POs across all suppliers, regardless of country, currency, raw material or component type.

Set Buying Rules

Automate purchasing based on order limits, delivery window, and shipping method.

Centralize POs

Track current and historical purchases by supplier and item number every step of the way.

Integrated Accounting

POs are automatically updated as they move through the process and added to your balance sheet.

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“The team is always available...”

“Unioncrate provides the end-to-end efficiencies we need to run our fast-scaling business in a cost-efficient way.

The team is always available with hands-on help that you simply don’t get with traditional ERP providers.”

Kunal Kohli

Co-founder, BOU Brands

What’s different about Unioncrate?

Built For CPG

Built by CPG veterans who've been in your shoes and know how your supply chain works.

Powerfully Simple

Easy to learn and navigate so you can act quickly without fighting an interface.

$1 EDI Connections

Save a fortune on EDI connections with no set-up, document, or VAN fees.

Modular & Flexible

Start with the capabilities you need now and easily add as you scale.

No-Fee Onboarding

Get hands-on help cleaning your data, migrating EDI connections, and integrating your partners.

Quick to Implement

Go live in weeks, not months, with minimal resources and disruptions.

Get up and running in weeks, not months.

Deploying Unioncrate is simple, non-intrusive, and takes minimal resources from your team.

We'll help you clean up your data, migrate your EDI connections, and integrate with partners, vendors, and suppliers—completely free of charge.

Easily integrates with

No-fee onboarding

No-fee consulting

No-fee 24/7 support

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“...Highly recommend them”

“Unioncrate’s team has added a ton of value: they’ve helped me understand my category better and generate efficiencies that are leaps and bounds above anything we did previously.

I feel very grateful to have found them—and highly recommend them.”

David  Greenfield

Co-founder and CEO, Dream Pops

Simplifying your daily operations is only the beginning.

With Unioncrate, you can “flip the switch” and start automating your forecasting with any time with minimal resources or disruption.

As you use Unioncrate, our AI learns your supply chain’s structure, lead times, and unique shipping patterns. Our Demand Planning tool combines that data with 100+ models built on consumption data and market trends.

The result: up to 85.3% accuracy with a fraction of the manual effort.

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