See how you can automate S&OP and improve forecast accuracy.

Unioncrate's Demand Planning AI helps CPG brands reach forecast accuracy levels as high as 85.3%.

Tour the demand planning tool and see:


How consumer data significantly improves accuracy

Watch how strategic partners and adaptable models help us consistently outperform more expensive platforms.


How granular your forecasts will become

Drill down into forecasted sales, inventory, and distribution by individual SKU, channel, store, warehouse, and more.


How you'll open forecasting's "black box"

Explore the drivers behind historical and forecasted sales with a single click: ranked by impact from the SKU level up.


How painless implementation is (even at scale)

You don't have to rip out existing platforms, or disrupt your teams. And, you'll be set up in a few weeks, not several months.

Short demo. Huge ROI. 2 months free.

What’s next: We’ll email you to find a time that works for you.

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Built for small-to-enterprise CPG brands

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Unioncrate predicted product sales by customer with accuracy levels of up to:


Unioncrate predicted new product sales with accuracy levels of up to:

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“We’re much better positioned...”

“Unioncrate's ability to adapt their predictive models to our unique business needs has been key in helping us quantify major variables in our sales forecasting process. We are now much better positioned to identify and quickly respond to opportunities across the hyper-growth sparkling water category.”

Scott Chandler

CFO, Spindrift

Frequently answered questions

How much historical data do we need?

Two years of historical sales data and promotional investments are ideal, although one year is usually workable.

Data requirements vary based on the types of predictions you want to enable (sales, distribution, and/or inventory). We'll work with you to collect, clean, and integrate any data necessary.

How long does Unioncrate take to deploy?

Unioncrate can run independently of internal ERP systems or integrate with them.

If deployed independently (pulling from an ERP or CSV), implementation takes just 7 - 8 weeks.
If integrating with your ERP (pushing/pulling data both ways), 7-12 weeks is typical.

How much input do you require from our team?

Surprisingly little! You'll need to let us know of any distribution changes, new or discontinued products, and new promotional investments by inputting them directly or uploading via CSV. We'll automatically factor them into the forecast on your behalf.

There’s really no other ongoing maintenance for you.

Do you integrate with SAP/NetSuite/GreatPlains/other existing platforms?

Yes! One of Unioncrate's major advantages is its ability to unintrusively "sit on top of" other platforms. We'll work with you to implement any integrations at no extra cost.

Is the price point in reach for smaller companies/startups?

Yes. Unioncrate's planning tool is Enterprise-ready and startup-friendly. The tool is modular: You can roll out the parts you need today and add as you grow.

Pricing is based on the number of SKUs, ship-to (customers) and ship-from locations (warehouses).

Can we put Unioncrate's accuracy to the test for ourselves?

Of course! We invite you to test Unioncrate head-to-head against your historical sales. We'll happily discuss this process during your demo.