Put your entire supply chain at your fingertips.

See how Unioncrate simplifies, centralizes, and automates operations management for CPG brands—without selling your soul to an ERP.

Tour the operations management tool and see:


How you can automate and add visibility

Automate sales orders, streamline POs, and integrate with every supplier, warehouse, and 3PL to track inventory in real time.


Why 'powerful' doesn't mean complex

Analyze sales, inventory, and POs in one modern interface built for CPG: no 'one-size-fits-none' solutions.


How much work we take off your plate

Learn how we take care of the heavy lifting—from integrating your partners to getting your data ready to roll.


Why EDI connections won't cost a fortune

With Unioncrate, EDI connections are $1, so your savings alone may pay for the tool.

Easily integrates with

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Built for small-to-midsize CPG brands

Short demo. Huge ROI. 2 months free.

What’s next: We’ll email you to find a time that works for you.

Easily integrates with

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Built for small-to-midsize CPG brands

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Transparent pricing. No hidden costs.

Pricing is based on the modules you choose and how many products, wholesale customers and users you have.

Starting at $315 / mo.
after a 2-month free trial

$0 for onboarding, consulting hours, and 24/7 technical support.
We do the heavy lifting to make sure Unioncrate works for you.

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“It enabled us to stay lean...”

“It has been incredible to see how much time Unioncrate actually saves us—and it’s exceeded my expectations.

It’s enabled us to stay lean and run our multi-million-dollar business with a team of just 3.

Will Crowthers

Co-founder, Jade Leaf Matcha

Frequently answered questions

Do we need to use all the modules at once?

No! One of the great parts of Unioncrate is your ability to add modules as you grow. Start with what you need and expand whenever you're ready.

Can we export our data?

Absolutely. Unlike other platforms, we don't obscure your data or make it difficult to download.

Export anything, anytime with just a click.

How much work is this for our suppliers/3PLs/partners?

Surprisingly little, and it's very non-intrusive. We work directly with each supplier or partner to get the job done fast (and stress-free).

You make the intro; we do the rest.

From setting up EDI connections to working with your partners to get things integrated on their end, the process is straightforward and collaborative.

Can we customize the tool to our business model?

Unioncrate is built with CPG supply chains in mind from the start, so you may be surprised to see how much already works exactly how you'd expect it to.

That said, you can easily customize the way you view your supply chain and how you prefer to view your reports.

Are we too early-stage for Unioncrate?

Actually, the earlier you start, the better you'll be setting your business up to scale, and the more benefits you'll see as you grow.

On top of building a solid foundation, you'll also have the benefit of our team's help in getting your data organized and clean from the start (for example, tracking LOTs.)

This will save you a significant amount of time and frustration down the line.