CGT Webinar: Redefining Consumer Goods Demand Planning

by Kunal Kohli

5 minutes

Webinar: Redefining Consumer Goods Demand Planning

On April 8th, 2021, Consumer Goods Technology hosted a webinar with Shastri Mahadeo, Founder & CEO of Unioncrate; Ben Hosseinzadeh, VP Supply Chain at CAULIPOWER; Simon Ellis, VP Supply Chain Strategies at IDC Manufacturing Insights; and Lisa Johnston, Managing Editor of CGT & RIS News. They covered a vast array of demand planning topics, including matching order and shipment data with the market, identifying cracks in the supply chain, artificial intelligence + human intelligence, and new forecast accuracy levels.

Watch the webinar here:

About the Presenters

Shastri Mahadeo, Unioncrate

Shastri Mahadeo is a serial entrepreneur who has been building companies in the food and beverage industry since the age of 18. He is now Co-Founder and CEO of Unioncrate, an AI-powered Integrated Business Planning (IBP) platform built specifically for the consumer goods industry. Prior to founding Unioncrate, Shastri was the founder and CEO of a specialty tea and matcha brand; he founded Unioncrate based on the struggles he faced operating that business.

Ben Hosseinzadeh, CAULIPOWER

Ben Hosseinzadeh leads end-to-end supply chain for CAULIPOWER. In his role as VP, Supply Chain, Ben is responsible for the company’s strategic supply chain planning and execution. Ben and his team manage all aspects of supply chain from demand planning to delivery of goods to customers. Technology-focused and efficiency-minded, Ben has successfully navigated through the challenges faced with operations and supply chain for hypergrowth companies. As a seasoned executive, Ben has nearly 2 decades of experience in the natural foods/CPG space across multiple product categories including nutritional supplements, beverages, snack and protein bars, and baked goods. Ben has helped companies grow from start up to scale, establishing best-in-class operations and supply chain practices to achieve $100MM+ annual revenues. Ben holds a Master’s degree in business administration from National University and a Bachelor’s degree in biology from Cal State Fullerton.

Simon Ellis, IDC Manufacturing Insights

Simon Ellis currently leads the Global Supply Chain Strategies practices at IDC Manufacturing Insights, specializing in advising clients on supply chain digital transformation, network and ecosystem design, supply chain planning, global sourcing, transportation, and logistics. With almost 35 years of experience in manufacturing, working across all major areas of the supply chain, Simon previously was the Supply Chain Strategy Director for Unilever North America.

Lisa Johnston, CGT & RIS News

Lisa Johnston joined CGT and RIS as managing editor in 2020. She has a background in covering retail, consumer goods, and technology through a range of digital, print, and live event platforms. In addition to providing editorial coverage for the brands, she focuses on driving digital engagement and exploring audience interactivity.

About Unioncrate

Unioncrate is an AI-powered Supply Chain Planning Platform that gives CPG brands the technology they need to compete and win in a rapidly changing consumer landscape. Our automated demand and supply forecasts deliver unmatched accuracy, collaborative visibility, and actionable intelligence, simplifying a manual-heavy process and slashing hours from your week.

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