34 Best Demand Planning Software for 2021 and Beyond [Updated]

Bessie Rubinstein

5 minutes

It’s no secret that demand planning is a complex and often arduous process. And if you’re still manually calculating future sales, chances are that it’s even more of a pain because there’s a ceiling to the level of insights you can glean. In turn, it can hinder the S&OP process and the effectiveness of executive decision-making.

In short, software can help with the demand planning process mightily, especially one that uses machine learning algorithms and robust sets of data to calculate demand with incredible accuracy. The very best platforms also know how to translate data-driven insights into actionable recommendations across the supply chain that enable brands to optimize working capital and realize other efficiencies that drive the business forward.

Of course, this is easier said than done, and there are many choices for demand planning software. We’ve compiled a list of 34 of the most popular software on the market today.

  1. Unioncrate
  2. SAP
  3. ORACLE Demantra
  4. ALLOY
  6. O9
  7. StockTrim
  8. Stock IQ Technologies
  9. Future Margin
  10. Demand Works
  11. Safio Solutions
  12. Halo
  13. Kinaxis
  14. Relex
  15. Smart Software
  16. Crisp
  17. Avercast
  18. Blue Yonder
  19. Cybertec
  20. Blue Ridge
  21. John Galt
  22. Vanguard
  23. GMDH
  24. Forecast Pro
  25. DemandCaster (owned by Plex)
  26. Forecasted Solutions
  27. Valogix
  28. Mi9 Retail
  29. Intuendi
  30. Aera
  31. Antui.ai
  32. Anaplan
  33. Adexa
  34. IBM

34 Best Demand Planning Software in 2020


1.  Unioncrate AI

Unioncrate logo
  • Best Features: Unioncrate’s Demand Planning AI platform combines consumer behavior data with your historical shipments to predict sales and inventory with up to 85.3% accuracy. Because predictions are built from the SKU-level up, users can dig into forecasts by channel, customer, distribution, brand, warehouse, and segment without hours of data crunching.
  • Tagline: More accurate forecasts. Less work to get them.
  • Location(s): New York City (HQ); Buenos Aires, Argentina; Barcelona, Spain
  • Pricing: Sales forecasting begins at $799/mo.
  • Top Clients: Spindrift, Dream Pops, CAULIPOWER, Simply Good Jars, The Fishin' Co., BOU Brands

The Next Evolution of Supply Chain Planning [Unioncrate]


2.  SAP Integrated Business Planning (IBP)

SAP logo
  • Best Features: Powered by SAP HANA in-memory technology, this cloud-based solution combines sales and operations planning (S&OP), forecasting and demand, response and supply, demand-driven replenishment, and inventory planning. Take advantage of powerful supply chain analytics, what-if simulation, alerts, and more to stay ahead of change and improve responsiveness.
  • Tagline: Balance supply and demand across your global supply chain.
  • Location(s): Seattle, USA; Miami, USA; Shanghai, China; Beijing, China; Waldorf, Germany; Frankfurt, Germany; Dresden, Germany; Sankt Leon-Rot, Germany; Milan, Italy; Newtown Square, USA; Tel Aviv, Israel; Sao Paulo, Brazil; Bangalore, India
  • Pricing: Three one-time cost models: the Starter Package at $1357, the Limited License at $1666, and the Pro License at $3213. There’s also the SAP Cloud Hosted subscription model, consisting of a $110 user/month Starter Package, $99 user/month Limited License, and $132 user/month Pro License
  • Top Clients: Ferrara, Rainforest Connection, DEUTZ, HP Inc., Goodwill, Waterwatch Cooperative, Hershey


3.  Oracle Demantra

Oracle Demantra logo
  • Best Features: Acquired by Oracle in 2006, Demantra is a "best-in-class provider of demand management, sales & operations planning, and trade promotions management solutions." Features include demand management, advanced forecasting and demand modeling, real-time Sales and Operations Planning, predictive Trade Planning, trade Promotion Optimization, deductions and settlement management, and more.
  • Tagline: Build a supply chain that’s prepared for any global change.
  • Location(s): Redwood City, USA (HQ); Austin, USA; Denver, USA; 300 global offices in Spain; the Netherlands; Australia; Brazil; Canada; France, India; Uruguay; Israel; Mexico; UK
  • Pricing: Pricing for cloud services can be found here.
  • Top Clients: The Second City, TOV, Land O’Lakes, LoveSac, Hello Products


4.  Alloy

Alloy logo
  • Best Features: Alloy’s platform delivers granular data, analytics, and forecasts in one place, and proactive alerts surface out-of-stocks, retailer promotions, and projected deviations from plan based on the latest information. Up-to-date forecasts allow users to track performance against actual sales in real-time, so sales and operations can respond to true demand.
  • Tagline: A purpose-built platform for consumer good brands.
  • Location(s): San Francisco, USA (HQ); Vancouver; Canada; Berlin, Germany
  • Pricing: Three flexible pricing options to choose from: Explorer, for 1-3 technicians at $19/tech/month and 14¢/computer/month; Express, for 4+ technicians at $49/tech/month and 14¢/computer/month; and Enterprise, for large organizations at $79/tech/month and 14¢/computer/month
  • Top Clients: Kano, Youth to the People, eero, Soludos


5.  NetSuite

NetSuite logo
  • Best Features: NetSuite uses advanced inventory management and demand planning techniques to help you make the right decisions and increase your on-time delivery metrics. Their software lets you set up each location where you store inventory with unique parameters to deliver “unprecedented control” over your supply chain.
  • Tagline: The #1 Cloud ERP.
  • Location(s): United States; Canada; Argentina; Belize; Columbia; Costa Rica; Honduras; Mexico; Ecuador; Nicaragua; Canada; Brazil; Ecuador; Chile; Guatemala; Panama; Uruguay; Puerto Rico; Venezuela; Paraguay; Peru; Australia; Bangladesh; China; Cambodia; Indonesia; Japan; Maldives; Nepal; Pakistan; Malaysia; Sri Lanka; Taiwan; Thailand; Vietnam; Singapore; Philippines; India; Brunei; Laos; India; New Zealand; Bhutan, Hong Kong SAR, PRC; Mongolia; Korea; Austria; Belgium; Denmark; Czech Republic; France; Ireland; Germany; Italy; Malta; Netherlands; Portugal; Romania; Slovenia; Spain; Turkey; Switzerland; Bahrain; Israel; Kuwait; Oman; Saudi Arabia; Yemen; Algeria; Ghana; Morocco; Senegal; South Africa; Kenya; Mauritius; UAE; Qatar; Lebanon; Jordan; Egypt; Ukraine; Swede; Russia; Norway; United Kingdom; Slovakia; Poland; Lithuania; Hungary; Greece; Latvia; Estonia; Finland; Croatia; Bulgaria
  • Pricing: Implementation tends to cost $35,000 – $40,000.
  • Top Clients: The Second City, TOV, Land O’Lakes, LoveSac, Hello Products

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6.  O9 Solutions

O9 Solutions logo
  • Best Features: With O9, you can gain insights like never before through a patented graph-based technology. O9 provides an Enterprise Knowledge Graph (EKG), which they say has rich modeling & computations that can power next-generation business applications.
  • Tagline: The digital brain of your business.
  • Location(s): APJ, Japan; Amsterdam, Netherlands; Bangalore, India; Dallas, USA
  • Pricing: Via request
  • Top Clients: Asian Paints, Ainsworth Pet Nutrition, Caterpillar, Interstate Batteries, Premier Nutrition, Wilbur-Ellis


7.  StockTrim

StockTrim logo
  • Best Features: StockTrim aspires to turn the fundamental business process of demand forecasting into something simple, streamlined, and loveable. They take the place of software they like to call "dumb but pretty" and instead offer "the world's smartest inventory forecasting software at your fingertips." Key features include intuitive order plans, detailed demand analysis, variable lead times, multiple locations, and the ability to forecast new products.
  • Tagline: Smarter inventory planning.
  • Location(s): New Zealand
  • Pricing: Apart from their Unlimited option for brands with over 10,000 SKUs, StockTrim has monthly, quarterly, and annual quotes for businesses small ($199, $149, $99), medium ($299, $249, $199), and large ($399, $349, $299)
  • Top Clients: Kiwi Hose & Hydraulics, Handrail Fittings, Shine Drink, Dolphin Pacific


8.  Stock IQ Technologies

Stock IQ Technologies logo
  • Best Features: StockIQ's proprietary forecasting algorithm has been tested on over 1 billion time series to ensure it generates accurate, sensible forecasts. You can generate purchase orders, transfer orders, and work orders with the click of a button in their purchasing module. And StockIQ's promotion management tool tracks the performance of all your sales and promotions, so you know how well you've done, and how best to optimize the promotions you run in the future.
  • Tagline: Improve your inventory efficiency with enhanced visibility.
  • Location(s): Colorado, USA
  • Pricing: Pricing begins at $750/mo.
  • Top Clients: Central Restaurant Products, Hirsch Pipe and Supply Co, Inc., Ergodyne


Uniting AI + Human Intelligence for Truly Agile Planning [Unioncrate]

9.  Future Margin

Future Margin logo
  • Best Features:  With Future Margin, you can create, edit, and manage your purchase orders. Easily analyze and control total cost versus individual variant stock coverage for each purchase order. Active purchase order draft is automatically reflected in replenishment tip, so you can quickly see which SKU's should still be added to current purchase order. Plus, no matter how you sell, you’ll get automated and fresh daily replenishment tips. Up to date, machine learning based predictions are computed periodically using latest store data.
  • Tagline: Avoid stock-outs, improve fill rate and speed up your replenishment planning process.
  • Location(s): Slovakia
  • Pricing: Future Margin offers three pricing tiers depending on number of SKUs
  • Top Clients: Martinus, Luvo Store, Deduces, Strikkeman


10.  Demand Works Smoothie

Demand Works logo
  • Best Features: Demand Works’ Smoothie Server and Cloud Smoothie are 100 percent browser-based, making them the most deployable solutions of their kind, and users will quickly see that there is absolutely no trade-off in usability. They tout their user interface as highly interactive and graphical, yet high performing in challenging, long-distance networks. Smoothie is also extremely scalable, easily supporting scenarios with hundreds of thousands of item-customer combinations or hundreds of users.
  • Tagline: Planning software for the world’s best companies.
  • Location(s): Philadelphia, USA
  • Pricing:  Cloud Smoothie (SaaS) prices range from about $500 to $5,000+ per month, and Smoothie Server prices start at about $15,000 for the most basic configurations. 
  • Top Clients: Blistex, Shimano, Zeiss, BP, Gleeman, Oatey


11.  Safio Solutions

Safio Solutions logo
  • Best Features: Safio gathers all vital company data into one convenient and comprehensive location, creating the vision and efficiency needed to improve forecasting and align inventory to demand and enhance profitability. They present dashboard analytics and visualization for high-level overviews to deep-dive analysis that focuses on emerging trends, opportunities, and liabilities, where actions can then be taken to achieve desired results. Overall, the software promises to provide consistent and accurate reporting for team collaboration and review.
  • Tagline: Sales analysis, forecasting, inventory optimization.
  • Location(s): Wisconsin, USA
  • Pricing: Via request
  • Top Clients: WodBottom, BuySeasons, Inc., Donohue and Associates, BSI Halloween


12.  Halo

Halo logo
  • Best Features: Halo's software helps businesses shift their focus to pattern identification and response planning by providing visibility directly into order promising, channels, and inventory. Halo offers comprehensive, pre-packaged analytics and what-if tools built on a common framework to provide end-to-end support and maximum scalability. Halo supports unbiased, demand-driven forecasting designed without the need for complicated infrastructure or data scientists. Halo allows you to easily extract forward-looking insights from virtually any data source, create stunning data visualizations with drill-through capabilities, and predict the outcomes of your business decisions before you make them.
  • Tagline: Your solution for a better consensus forecast to drive demand planning and your S&OP process.
  • Location(s): San Diego, USA
  • Pricing: Via request
  • Top Clients: Leatherman, Service Foods, The Carlstar Group, NZ Safety Blackwoods, Tri-Eagle Sales


13.  Kinaxis

Kinaxis logo
  • Best Features: You can set consistently achievable delivery dates so your customers won’t be disappointed, and base your order fulfillment decisions on sound financial and operational impact modeling. Planners creating the best short-term forecasts for your business is also possible by leveraging automated machine learning to extract insights from massive datasets assembled from multiple sources.
  • Tagline: Everyday volatility and uncertainty demand quick action.
  • Location(s): Ottawa, Canada; Toronto, Canada; Chennai, India; Hong Kong SAR, PRC; Tokyo, Japan; Seoul, Korea; Tamilnadu, India; Amsterdam, the Netherlands; London, UK; Dallas, USA
  • Pricing: Via request
  • Top Clients: P&G, Ford, Nissan Motor Corporation, Lockheed Martin, Bose, Lenovo


14.  Relex

Relex logo
  • Best Features: RELEX starts with your internal retail data and factors in external data from events like holidays or weather forecasts, optimizing your demand forecasts so you can continuously improve your demand planning. The software supports the multi-channel models that best fit your business strategy, ensuring sales get attributed to the right channel while accurately forecasting replenishment for fulfillment locations. And users can address automatically flagged items like unusual forecasts or poor product performance directly within RELEX’s demand forecasting software.
  • Tagline: Optimize retail for every future.
  • Location(s): United States, UK, Germany, Italy, Spain, France, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Singapore, Hong Kong
  • Pricing: Via request
  • Top Clients: WHSmith, S Group, REWE, Migross


15.  Smart Software

Smart Software logo
  • Best Features: Smart Software’s demand planner, powered by the SmartForecasts® Engine, aligns strategic business forecasting at any level of your product hierarchy with granular forecasts of the item mix to improve forecast accuracy. It provides a statistically sound, objective foundation for your sales and operations planning process (S&OP).  Smart Demand Planner’s collaborative workbench enables forecast overrides to be applied, imported, reviewed, and approved by authorized users driving the consensus plan. Measured forecast accuracy ensures that the best possible forecast is delivered to the business at both the aggregate and item mix levels.
  • Tagline: Forecasting and managing uncertain demand.
  • Location(s): Massachusetts, USA
  • Pricing: Pricing begins, for small businesses, at $1,000/mo.
  • Top Clients: Kratos, BC Transit, Prevost Parts, Rose Brand, Bedouin Research, Metro-North Railroad


16.  Crisp

Crisp logo
  • Best Features: The Crisp forecasting platform helps every stakeholder contribute to and operate from the same forecast. You can share Crisp-generated statistical forecasts and information about upcoming sales, marketing, or other events; solicit feedback; and note assumptions and variances. Crisp automatically identifies and calculates seasonal and holiday impacts. And in the case of demand-shaping events such as promotions, new store openings, or even a power outage, Crisp enables you to annotate the factors impacting your forecast.
  • Tagline: Make the decisions your business needs to thrive in real time.
  • Location(s): New York, USA
  • Pricing: Pricing begins at $245/mo.
  • Top Clients: Gilbert’s Craft Sausages, SunFed Perfect Produce, Nounos Creamery


17.  Avercast

Avercast logo
  • Best Features: Avercast Business Forecasting utilizes MS SQL Database Technology. It’s a forecasting software powered by 208 forecasting algorithms. ADP systematically measures each algorithm against up to five years of historical inventory data (at any level of hierarchy) prior to selecting a “best fit” for going forward. Forecasts are displayed for up to 60 months into the future. And the software includes many best-in-class tools such as safety stock optimization, service level optimization, ABC analysis, promotion and event management, exception management, and customizable performance metrics.
  • Tagline: Balancing demand and supply. That’s what we do.
  • Location(s): Idaho, USA; Mexico, India
  • Pricing:  $1000/month including implementation & initial training
  • Top Clients: Kawasaki Engines, Mitsubishi, Glen Dimplex, Markwins Beauty Brands


18.  Blue Yonder (formerly JDA)

Blue Yonder logo
  • Best Features: With market dynamics and customer service expectations increasing, Blue Yonder’s forecasting software promises the key to improved sustainability and higher customer service levels. Blue Yonder ingests hundreds of demand-driving variables and uses machine learning to provide a unique demand projection with calculated business impact and risk. This enables higher planner productivity, better inventory management and an improved understanding of demand drivers and customer behavior.
  • Tagline: #1 digital supply chain platform powering dynamic content.
  • Location(s): Scottsdale, Arizona (HQ), Mexico City, Mexico; Monterrey, Mexico; Santiago, Chile; Sao Paulo, Brazil; Milan, Italy; London, UK; Madrid, Spain, Prague, Czech Republic; Paris, France; Stockholm, Sweden; Dubai, UAE, Cape Town, South Africa; Seoul, South Korea; Sydney, Australia; Melbourne, Australia
  • Pricing: Via request
  • Top Clients: Ace Hardware Corporation, Advance Auto Parts, 7-Eleven, 3M


19.  Cybertec

Cybertec logo
  • Best Features: With Cybertec’s software, you can manage different time frames quickly and easily, delivering forecasts with low margin errors thanks to the powerful CyberPlan algorithms. CyberPlan allows you to simulate several different production scenarios with finite capacity quickly and continuously, giving immediate visibility of the impacts on the production plan.
  • Tagline: Advanced solutions for high performance industry 4.0.
  • Location(s): Virginia, USA
  • Pricing: Pricing begins at $1,500/mo.
  • Top Clients: Artsana Group, Carraro, Cavagna Group, FenEx, Giorgio Fanti, Becromal


20.  Blue Ridge Solutions

Blue Ridge Solutions logo
  • Best Features: Blue Ridge’s unified demand and supply plan predicts daily store demand, distribution center demand, receipts, and on-hand inventory to create the optimal plan considering the unique dynamics of every item, location, channel, and supplier.
  • Tagline: For a More Foreseeable Future.
  • Location(s): Atlanta, USA
  • Pricing: Depends on SKU count, but most deals fall between $40k-$70k with a one time implementation fee
  • Top Clients: Home Hardware, CRP Industries, Athens, Kele


21.  John Galt

John Galt logo
  • Best Features: John Galt ensures access to all your data with ERP and Excel integrations as well as support for mobile devices. In addition to the Atlas enterprise software product, John Galt also offers an entry level sales forecasting application, ForecastX. ForecastX provides Excel access for quick business insight.
  • Tagline: Optimized, resilient, disruption-proof planning platform.
  • Location(s): Chicago, USA
  • Pricing: A lite version of John Galt’s forecasting software starts at $59/mo., while the fully powered software starts at $99/mo.
  • Top Clients: Netgear, Hasbro, Method, The Container Store, Acme United, AT&T Wireless


22.  Vanguard Predictive Planning

Vanguard Predictive Planning logo
  • Best Features: Vanguard's Predictive Planning for Consumer Packaged Goods uses advanced-analytic modeling and simulation capabilities to support omni-channel sales and delivery while ensuring optimal inventory and labor down to the store level. All of this is key to balancing product breadth and depth for best-net-profit assortment allocations that span thousands of SKUs and—potentially—hundreds of locations.
  • Tagline: Benchmark tested, market proven.
  • Location(s): North Carolina, USA
  • Pricing: Via request
  • Top Clients: AFT Pharmaceuticals, AMR Research, Francesca’s, Keen, Seattle Department of Transportation


23.  GMDH Streamline

GMDH Streamline logo
  • Best Features: Streamline uses special algorithms to create models that thoroughly analyze the data and generate the statistical models on the existing periods, providing more accurate forecasting predictions. Their forecast approval system provides you an opportunity to manage your forecasts with others, allowing each SKU to have a status of Approved, Unapproved, or Needs Attention. Approved SKUs are locked from further changes.
  • Tagline: Supply chain planning software built to scale your business.
  • Location(s): New York, USA; Toronto, Canada; Kyiv, Ukraine
  • Pricing: Starting at $10,000/user/yr. (via SourceForge)
  • Top Clients: Olympus, Zadea, Gerard Lighting, Aglo Systems, Alloys


24.  Forecast Pro

Forecast Pro logo
  • Best Features: Forecast Pro’s automatic “best pick” algorithm allows you to generate accurate forecasts, even for thousands of items, in a matter of seconds and will account for seasonal patterns, trends, business cycles, promotional activity and more. Forecast Pro also supports hierarchy pivoting and the ability to work with forecasts in units, dollars, and other units of measure simultaneously; different parts of your team and/or organization can view the forecasts how they want to see them.
  • Tagline: Better decisions demand forecast accuracy.
  • Location(s): Massachusetts, USA; London, UK
  • Pricing: The software starts at $1,495, paid once, followed by 15% of base purchasing price to be paid each year.
  • Top Clients: Arlequin Hobbies, Au Bon Pain, B.L. Intimate Apparel, Bergey’s, Inc., Brooks Sports, City Pharmacy Limited, Coleman Brands


25.  DemandCaster (acquired by Plex)

DemandCaster logo
  • Best Features: With DemandCaster supply chain planning software, you gain a single source of truth for demand forecasting and planning, as well as a data-driven foundation for your S&OP process. Nimbly create precise demand forecasts and plans infused with historical data, organizational intelligence, and insights from across your supply chain network. You can enhance forecast accuracy and consensus by collecting inputs from across your organization and directly from your ERP, and readily project revenue, cost of goods sold, and margin down to the item level.
  • Tagline: Stay ahead of the unexpected. Anticipate. Plan. Execute.
  • Location(s): Michigan, USA
  • Pricing: Starting at $500/mo
  • Top Clients: Ascensia, Blitz, Corkcircle, TCHO, American Metalcraft, Inc.


26.  Forecasted Solutions

Forecasted Solutions
  • Best Features: This software was built from the ground up with business forecasting in mind. Its design is based on decades of real-world experience with over a million products across multiple industries. The application is web-based, software as a service (SaaS) and requires no client installation. They provide a workbook to be used as a template for providing your data. It is an Excel workbook that then exports to a CSV file for FTPing. You can continue to use this workbook to send us your data or take the CSV output as a template to automate the data transfer, whatever is best for your situation.
  • Tagline: Forecasted Solutions can help you.
  • Location(s): Idaho, USA
  • Pricing: Via request
  • Top Clients: Forecasted does not publicize their client list


27.  Valogix

Valogix logo
  • Best Features: Valogix boasts an intuitive UI—it’s easy to use & understand. There are no confusing icons to learn when using this n-tier, browser-based web application. Your dashboards provide key statistics & alerts at a glance, linked to the details. And you can drag and link internal supply networks with locations for re-supply.
  • Tagline: Advanced inventory planning software solutions.
  • Location(s): New York State, USA
  • Pricing: Via request
  • Top Clients: Legend Valve, Translectric, Global Link Distribution, Camlab, McDonald Dash


28.  Mi9 Retail

Mi9 Retail logo
  • Best Features: Mi9 Retail offers a unified suite of solutions that enables retailers to automate and optimize their entire plan-to-sell process. Mi9 corporate retail systems facilitate a well-oiled supply chain by delivering greater insight and data visibility, as well as providing more accurate planning, master data management, allocation, and replenishment. Plus, their customer engagement and point-of-purchase systems boost revenue across digital and brick-and-mortar channels. These solutions are connected via a common analytics framework that speeds time to insight with role-based dashboards, KPIs, and governed self-service data discovery.
  • Tagline: New technology for new possibilities.
  • Location(s): Miami, USA; Boston, USA; Toronto, Canada; London, UK; Dublin, Ireland; Shanghai, China; Bryanston, South Africa
  • Pricing: Via request
  • Top Clients: ABC Fine Wine & Spirits


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29. Intuendi

Intuendi logo
  • Best Features: Intuendi provides you with useful insights on what is underneath the surface of your sales data, all that with a fresh and friendly UI. Browse your catalog by product category or location, create your breakdowns for a better data visualization, and discover more about your business’ performance—even for brand new products that you never sold before. Intuendi’s machine learning technology can manage these factors and estimate the future sales while providing you with a high-quality forecast.
  • Tagline: Stock the products your customers will buy.
  • Location(s): Florence, Italy
  • Top Clients: Becca Cosmetics, Tannico, Doleweerd


30.  Aera

Aera logo
  • Best Features: Aera’s patented real-time crawling technology collects, indexes, and harmonizes billions of transactions from complex enterprise systems and external data sources. While Aera continually extracts input data for real-time analytics, it does so with minimal impact to the underlying systems. Data are encrypted and transferred securely to the cloud. The software provides real-time analysis of data at any scale, and offers a rapidly growing library of pre-built skills.
  • Tagline: The cognitive technology for the Self-Driving Enterprise.
  • Location(s): Mountain View, California, USA; Paris, France; Bucharest, Romania; Singapore; Bangalore India; Pune, India; Sydney, Australia
  • Pricing: Via request
  • Top Clients: RB, Johnson & Johnson


31.  Antuit.ai

Antuit AI logo
  • Best Features: Antuit boasts a Unified Demand Signal that serves as a single source of truth. Other key highlights include consumption-based forecasting, granular AI forecasts, and an AI/ML team that customizes pre-defined data models for your specific business.
  • Tagline: Real AI. Real Results.
  • Location(s): Los Angeles, USA; Toronto, Canada; Tokyo, Japan; Taiwan; Munich, Germany; Istanbul, Turkey; Seoul, South Korea; Qingdao, China; Johannesburg, South Africa; New Delhi, India
  • Pricing: Via request
  • Top Clients: Pepsi, Philips, Estée Lauder, Grupo Bimbo, GSK, Molson Coors, Target, Eddie Bauer, Carter’s, Michael Kors, The Children’s Place, Neiman Marcus


32.  Anaplan

Anaplan logo
  • Best Features: A live calculation engine that shows the effects of updates in real time, along with a Connected Planning framework and a contemporary and fluid UX.
  • Tagline: Drive Business Performance with Agility
  • Location(s): San Francisco, Minneapolis, Boston, Chicago, New York, USA; Brussels, Belgium; London, Maidenhead, York, UK; Zug, Switzerland; Frankfurt, Germany; Paris, France; Stockholm, Sweden; Vienna, Austria; ‘s-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands; Kefar Sava, Israel; Melbourne, Sydney, Australia; Singapore; Mumbai, India; Tokyo, Japan
  • Pricing: Via request
  • Top Clients: BT, Tata, AXA, United, MUFG, HellyHansen, Groupon, Vodafone


33.  Adexa

Adexa logo
  • Best Features: Adexa's Optimize Resource Investments feature enables clients to compare financial KPIs and tie them to value-driving processes to ensure response to business opportunities and threats in a timely manner.
  • Tagline: Predict. Not Just Respond.
  • Location(s): Los Angeles, CA; Toronto, ON; Germany; Japan; South Korea; Taiwan
  • Pricing: Via request
  • Top Clients: AMD, TSMC, Toshiba, Panasonic, Schlumberger, ArcelorMittal, Allergan, Unilever, Siemens, CNH, Milliken, Seagate, Hanes, Analog Devices, AIDC


34.  IBM Supply Chain Planning

IBM Supply Chain Planning logo
  • Best Features: IBM analytics, which power its S&OP, Supply Planning, and Demand Planning solutions, includes the ability to identify trends in data, spot variances, and conduct sound demand forecasting to respond in real time.
  • Tagline: Be ready for anything with more accurate planning and forecasting
  • Location(s): Global, with corporate headquarters in Armonk, NY, USA
  • Pricing: Starting at $867.20/mo
  • Top Clients: Stikets, Delfi, Huhtamaki, Frito-Lay, In-Bev, Oriflame Cosmetics, Behr

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