Top 33 Bill of Materials (BoM) Software

by Bessie Rubinstein

5 minutes

Down the the Basics

Starting with the very basics, a bill of materials—you might also hear it called a BoM, a BoM list, a product structure, BOM list, a pack list, or an associated list—is a thorough list of everything that is needed to manufacture a consumer packaged product. This can include components, sub-components, raw materials, intermediate assemblies, subassemblies, parts, etc.—plus the necessary amounts and the costs of each. While there are various other types of BoMs, this article will focus on the top BoM software for CPG companies.

Because BoMs must include pricing information, and because the costs of goods aren’t fixed, it’s necessary to pay close attention to detail and update your BOM according to fluctuating item prices, especially if you’re using a third party manufacturer. Even considerations like the cost of packing tape, and tolling (manufacturer fees), need to be made. Sometimes, companies may want to figure out a different BOM—use different amounts of different components—to balance out the changing costs of those components.

Considering all of these factors, it’s easy to understand why keeping track of BOMs on spreadsheets, as many businesses do, can be a tedious task. It’s also important to avoid mistakes. An accurate BOM creates a better picture of inventory levels, keeps production and assembly cost-effective, and allows you to plan strategies related to purchasing raw materials and components. You can also optimize operations related to freight forwarders and co-packers. However, late or incorrect BoMs can result in too much or too little inventory, and a missing part number can throw off an entire production schedule  That means products take longer to get to market can affect a CPG company up and down the supply chain.

BoMs need to be updated regularly and accurately across systems, and there’s little margin for error. Using software that has robust BoM capabilities can be the solution. We rounded up 33 from all of the above categories to make a competitive choice easier.

Top 33 Bill of Materials (BoM) Software

  1. Unioncrate
  2. Fishbowl
  3. NetSuite
  4. E2 Shop System (by Shoptech)
  5. JobBOSS
  6. Katana
  7. Global Shop Solutions
  8. Prodsmart
  9. IQMS Manufacturing ERP
  10. Vicinity
  11. Fulcrum
  12. Infor VISUAL
  13. Henning Visual EstiTrack ERP
  14. Mar-kov CMS
  15. Datacor ERP
  16. ECi M1
  17. Epicor Manufacturing ERP
  18. Aptean Made2Manage ERP
  19. SKUlocity
  20. OptiProERP
  21. Realtrac
  22. MRPeasy
  23. MIE Trak Pro
  24. Adaptive Compliance Engine (ACE)
  25. EVO-ERP
  26. Priority
  27. aACE
  28. Skubana
  29. Stitch Labs (owned by Square)
  30. DEAR Systems
  31. Cin7
  32. SAP
  33. Odoo


1.  Unioncrate

Unioncrate logo

Summary: Built by CPG veterans, Unioncrate brings your sales, purchasing, and inventory into one place, automates the manual steps you waste hours on, and gives you a simple way to control everything. They offer no-fee onboarding, modular and scalable software, manual orders. With Unioncrate, manual orders, e-commerce orders, and granular sales reports are automatically centralized and updated as they're processed in the real world. With their Operations Management platform, you can create product assemblies (BOM) and track costs for all finished goods, raw materials, and components.

Pricing: Answer a few basic questions on UnionCrate’s site and get a pricing breakdown sent to your email.

Top Clients: Spindrift, Mason Dixie, Dream Pops, Jade Leaf Matcha, SOUND Brands, CAULIPOWER.

Customer Reviews:

Unioncrate’s demand forecasts have proven to be highly accurate and consistent. As a result, they’re actionable across the supply chain. — The Fishin’ Co
Unioncrate’s team has added a ton of value. They’ve helped me understand my category better and generate efficiencies that are leaps and bounds above anything we did previously. I feel very grateful to have found them—and highly recommend them. — DreamPops


2.  Fishbowl

Fishbowl logo

Summary: Fishbowl works across all industries, from biotechnology to cannabis. The Fishbowl ROI Tool will help you calculate how much money you will save using Fishbowl and how quickly you will recoup the cost of the software, so you don’t waste your money. Fishbowl markets itself towards small businesses, and offers a manufacturing and warehouse option, which both provide QuickBooks integration. The core features of the warehouse option include business intelligence, employee time tracking, barcode scanning and multiple locations, while the manufacturing option is a little more robust, including multilevel bills of materials, and 3PL.

Pricing: One-time payment starts at $4,395, which gives you permanent ownership of the software and it becomes even more cost-efficient the more users you add. They offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee—If you're not satisfied, Fishbowl will reimburse you for the full amount you paid for the software.

Top Clients: Quality Pet Products, Mississippi State Dept of Health, Chung’s Gourmet, and East Coast Defender.

Customer Reviews:

I am amazed each and every day how much Fishbowl does... [at] only a fraction of the price of other options we considered.   – Gary Ballard
In a year, Fishbowl has completely transformed inventory control in my company. – Chris Connors, Backyard Adventures

The Next Evolution of Supply Chain Planning [Unioncrate]


3.  NetSuite

Oracle NetSuite logo

Summary: NetSuite boasts a “#1 Cloud ERP” tagline. They offer customizable alerts about your supply chain status, use order management rules to optimize delivery plans and reduce lead times, and quickly identify and act on cost variances as they occur. With NetSuite’s replenishment setting feature, you can view and manage inventory across your organization and achieve multi-location planning. With their cycle counting feature, you can target specific items. NetSuite also offers lot and bin tracking, and full traceability,

Pricing: Request a demo to receive more information about pricing.

Top Clients: The Second City, TOV, Land O’Lakes, LoveSac,  Hello Products.

Customer Reviews:

We’ve had exponential growth without having to increase headcount, and we’ve been able to handle that with a system like NetSuite. — The Second City
The executives are able to understand the complete business picture quickly and easily through NetSuite. — Gary Hornbeek, VP, Finance


4.  E2 Shop System (by Shoptech)

E2 Shop System Shoptech logo

Summary:  Shoptech now offers multiple apps available for Apple and Android devices. This means your team can access the Data Collection Module, inventory and part details from their workstation.

Pricing: Schedule a demo to find out more about pricing.

Top Clients: Avion, WebSeal, Automation Outfitters, First Tool Group

Customer Reviews:

E2 has dramatically increased the overall efficiency in quoting, entering orders and shipping. Having all the job documentation linked and available in one spot is great. – Free Force Machining Technology
E2 Data Collection has given Airtek precise estimates concerning our profits when repairing units along with the profits when building and developing new equipment. — Airtek Incorporated 


5.  JobBOSS

ECI JobBOSS logo

Summary: JobBOSS’s BOM add-on allows you to eliminate costly production mistakes and improve accuracy. By combining two manual steps into one automated step you will see dramatic time savings plus greater productivity. This tool captures data from a single or multi-level BoM structure and imports it directly into JobBOSS to create quotes and jobs. Materials do not have to pre-exist in the material library – the software can automate the part number creation process.

Pricing: Pricing is flexible—request a quote.

Top Clients: MRG Tool and Die, Larsen Manufacturing, Laser1Technologies, Inc, Premier Technology

Customer Reviews:

In just three years profits have increased, sales have doubled, and productivity has skyrocketed. — Bryco Machine
The reduction of entry hours along with increased accuracy of production requirements has had a significantly positive impact on the shop’s overall operations. — Serapid Rigid Chain Technology

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6.  Katana

Katana logo

Summary: With Katana, you can track manufacturing costs based on product recipes (bill of materials) and production operations, create multi-level product recipes with subassemblies, and make accurate pricing decisions based on actual product margins.

Pricing: Starting at $99 per month.

Top Clients: Walk With Me, Paper Republic, Puppy Cake, Maksense

Customer Reviews:

We don’t miss spreadsheets one bit after finding Katana. It feels good to be on top of your inventory. Both raw and made products. — Stella Soomlais Design
Syncing sales orders and production used to be the hardest part of our business. Now it’s the easiest. Besides, the software is surprisingly easy to set up. — Viks Bikes


7.  Global Shop Solutions

Global Shop Solutions logo

Summary: Global Shop Solutions’ BOM Compare saves time for engineers by eliminating the tedious manual comparing of CAD/CAM BOMs against Global Shop Solutions BOMs. After designing and modifying designs in any CAD or CAM software, simply export the latest BOM to BOM Compare. With a clean, intuitive layout, BOM Compare displays a side-by-side comparison of the CAD or CAM BOM next to the Global Shop Solutions BOM so the user can quickly identify any discrepancies, such as additions, subtractions, or modifications to the BOM. 

Pricing: Schedule a demo to find out more about pricing.

Top Clients: Corilam Fabricating, Miller Welding, Fullerton Tool, GereMarie

Customer Reviews

Best total ERP system. They truly care about our success. — Miller Welding
We can see every aspect of our business. — GereMarie


8.  Prodsmart

Prodsmart logo

Summary: Prodsmart is a manufacturing software designed with remote teams in mind  Overall, it’s meant to manage your team and operations in real-time with accurate information from every production order happening on your shop floor, identify potential issues in an early stage, and track and manage your inventory of products and raw materials. BOM is involved with one of Prodsmart’s capabilities: you can add your Bill of Materials (BoM) & Product Trees to track associated operations and raw materials consumed.

Pricing: Starts at $999/mo.

Top Clients: Sonafi, IG Masonry Support, Science4You, J3LP

Customer Reviews:

We had to control our production information remotely, since we had the factory and the office in different places. Prodsmart allows us to have the ideal tools for this and we already feel the excellent results every day. It definitely came to revolutionize our lives! — Antonio Duro Designers


9.   IQMS Manufacturing ERP

IQMS Manufacturing ERP logo

Summary: IQMS’s Bill of Materials software includes; work centers, labor, tools, dies, inserts, fixtures, raw materials, packaging, scrap rates, setup times, yield, efficiency, multipliers, auxiliary equipment, etc. Their visual representation of your data displays part numbers and the relationships between packaging, inserted components and secondary operations, tooling requirements, process notes and instructions.

Pricing: Request pricing information on their website.

Top Clients: Comar, Pod Pack, Eldon James, Ventura Manufacturing Inc.

Customer Reviews:

It allows all of us to see real-time data. We can see when something is down and why. We see this immediately, and so can react quickly. — Jabil Packaging Solutions
For the first time, all our data is in the same place. The inventory problems that we based our test cases on have been solved. That’s huge for us. — DPS Skis


10.  Vicinity

Vicinity logo

Summary: Vicinity offers scalable technology to formula-based manufacturers in the chemical, food, and brewing markets. Vicinity introduced the first software product for formula-based manufacturers who use QuickBooks® Online or Microsoft Dynamics®, including Dynamics GP, Dynamics SL, or Dynamics NAV. Manufacturers can pinpoint specific problems and opportunities within product lines, manufacturing processes, distribution networks, and marketplaces, so you’ll know which products to make—and how to make them more efficiently and profitably.

Pricing: Contact them on their website for pricing information.

Top Clients: Sierra Nevada Brewing Company, House of Cheatham, Epoxy Technology, Mother Murphy

Customer Reviews:

Vicinity was the solution that could compound our formulas and assemble our various multi-part kits. — House of Cheatham
We have an aggressive business plan and now we can use real-time data to make the important decisions that keep us on track toward reaching our strategic goals. — House of Clabber


11.  FulcrumPro (by Atlas Solutions)

FulcrumPro logo

Summary: Fulcrum's real-time inventory software offers BOM and routing solutions. When this data is stored separately from your scheduling and inventory modules, it creates significant inefficiencies across all of production. Digitizing this information, even in job shops, is essential for a streamlined workflow.

Some job shops and OEMs claim that BOMs and routings must be manual due to the variability of jobs coming through the shop. Fulcrum utilizes an intuitive BOM and routing builder to easily digitize this information leading to improved production timelines and accurate inventory counts.

Pricing: Request a demo to receive pricing.

Clients: Unspecified small/mid-size manufacturers

Customer Reviews:

You took our whole workflow and made it so simple. I can't tell you how happy I am. — 41 Employees, Honolulu, HI
It's actually quite spooky that there are no workarounds in this system. — 55 Employees, Seattle, WA


12.  Infor VISUAL

Infor VISUAL logo

Summary: Infor VISUAL promises to help you achieve operational excellence across the supply chain while protecting your margins.” You can automate your warehouse with labor management, access a rules-based, order-fulfillment engine to optimize service levels, and operate inventory management with advanced statistical forecasting and stock recommendations.

Pricing: Starts between $10-$50 per user per month.

Top Clients:  Bausch & Lomb, Ferrari, Heineken, Wyndham Hotels, Hershey Entertainment and Resorts, Boskalis

Customer Reviews:

Information is now accurate, consistent, and easily accessible through Infor CPM Business Edition, as all employees utilize the same data to perform daily tasks." — Jardine Motors Group


13.  Henning Visual EstiTrack ERP

Henning Visual EstiTrack logo

Summary: Henning’s Visual EstiTrack is a completely integrated ERP shop management system that also allows you to create a parts master report, a bill of materials report, a bill of materials summary report, and a product structure report.

Pricing: Request a demo for pricing information.

Top Clients: Tek Manufacturing Inc., KEB Industries Inc.

Customer Reviews:

Now we can easily see if we have several jobs of like diameter and go ahead and set them up on one machine and minimize our time in switching grinding wheels and changing tools over. — KEB Industries Inc.

Implementing a More Holistic Supply Chain Management Strategy [Unioncrate]


14.   Mar-Kov CMS

Mar-Kov CMS

Summary: Mar-Kov is batch manufacturing software whose inventory management tool is fine-tuned for container level inventory tracking of chemicals, components, and finished goods. You can receive items using GS1 barcodes or generate internal barcodes for easy labeling, capture and store supplier Certificates of Analysis, MSDS’s, and Certification, and track inventory by location and enforce storage rules. You have the ability to view your inventory snapshot at any time in the past. The software ensures that mixed lots get sampled and retested.

Pricing: Book a demo to receive more information about pricing.

Top Clients: Fancy Farm Popcorn, Custard Stand Chili

Customer Reviews:

We were kind of set in our ways. After 10+ years of using the same software we were very reluctant to change. With Mar-Kov, things have worked out better than expected – we replaced all the functionality we had under our old software and have added new capabilities as well. Now we are in a really good place. — Surfacelogix


15.  Datacor ERP

Datacor ERP logo

Summary: Datacor’s Manufacturing and Operations Planning tool offers ultimate flexibility in manufacturing operations including packaging, automatic batch generation from order entry or MRP, production cost and yield analysis, includes unlimited packaging formulas. If you operate a lab, Datacor offers flexible formula formats, including multi-level formula capabilities and what-if analysis. You can also run multiple cost analysis inquiries and reports and track multiple formulas per product per customer.

Pricing: Begins at $4,000 as a one-time price per user. 

Top Clients: Haviland Enterprises Co., Whitaker Oil Company, deVan Sealants

Customer Reviews:

We are very happy to have chosen Datacor and would definitely recommend them to others. Implementing a new ERP solution is never easy, but having the support from their highly trained team has made all the difference. — Pariser Industries Inc.


16.  ECi M1

ECi M1 logo

Summary: The Advanced Bill of Materials add-on application that seamlessly integrates with ECi’s M1 ERP can eliminate costly production mistakes and improve accuracy. It easily manages complex multi-level assemblies to lower costs with automatic material costs roll-up, and efficiently handles revision control. You can also add serial numbers and lot number tracking for better inventory management.

Pricing: Request a demo or quote from the company site.

Top Clients: Williams RDM, Listaworld, Brooks Forgings, Elsum Engineering

Customer Reviews:

There’s no question M1 has enabled us to be more efficient and kept us growing without adding overhead. Information is great, but only when you can mine it and convert it into actions and decisions and that’s what M1 does for us. — Hydro-Dyne Engineering


17.  Epicor Manufacturing ERP

Epicor Manufacturing ERP logo

Summary: Epicore offers Product Data Management software that includes BOM management. This allows you to automate the secure transfer of BOMs and build a database of reusable product information. If you want to integrate this PDM software with other Epicor software, it offers seamless, bidirectional integration into Epicor ERP—including BOM transfer and comparison.

Pricing: Starts at $175 per user per month, priced modually.

Top Clients: Frontier Justice, Thompson Pharmacy, Sportsman’s Guide, Baxter Manufacturing

Customer Reviews:

We deployed our first Epicor ERP solution back in 1998 to address purely domestic business challenges, A decade later, following global growth of the business, we extended the solution. As a result, our U.S. and Chinese operations were utilizing Epicor platforms to enable the synchronized management of procurement, planning, scheduling, and more. — Bracalente


18.  Aptean Made2Manage ERP

Aptean Made2Manage ERP logo

Summary: Made2Manage is “the only enterprise resource planning (ERP) system made by manufacturers for manufacturers in make-to-order (MTO), assemble-to-order (ATO), engineer-to-order (ETO), and mixed-mode environments.” Their software establishes a real-time, bidirectional link between your CAD software (including Solidworks, Solid Edge, and Autodesk Inventor) and Made2Manage ERP, enabling a two-way flow of engineering information and BOM data between your disparate software systems. With CADLink, you can create Item Master & eBOM (engineering bill of materials) records identical to CAD drawings, automate duplicate data entry, and quickly assimilate engineering BOM information between your CAD system and Made2Manage.

Pricing: Get in touch on the company’s site to learn more about pricing.

Top Clients: The Phoenix Group, Vita Health Products, Tek Pak Inc., Boston Centerless

Customer Reviews

Made2Manage ERP allows us to capture critical information and analytics for improving and further automating business processes, giving us a competitive advantage and helping Boston Centerless earn a reputation for exceptional quality and service. — Boston Centerless


19.  Skulocity

Skulocity logo

Summary: Skulocity’s manufacturing management tool allows you to add and edit your BOMs. It also provides BOM simulation, routing information and responsibilities associated with routing, and an in depth warehouse calendar to give you a picture of what goes on to your production.

Pricing: Starting from $35 per license per month.

Top Clients: Unlisted


20.  OptiProERP

OptiProERP logo

Summary: OptiProERP is a single, fully integrated ERP solution that helps you manage and streamline all aspects of your business with end-to-end, advanced manufacturing, and industry-specific functionality. Both the Express and Enterprise version of the software offer BOM automation.

Pricing: Starts at $700 as a one time payment, per user.

Top Clients: BILLY Footwear, EDIC, Opti-Luxx, Schmitt & Ongaro Marine


21.  Realtrac

Realtrac Performance ERP logo

Summary: Realtrac’s Bill of Material (BOM) function allows you to maintain a list of materials and outside services needed to produce one finished part, including the quantity required, vendor, and price for each item. And, once a BOM is created or modified, it’s available for any estimates or jobs for the same part.

Pricing: Request a demo for more pricing information.

Top Clients: East Side Machine, Inc., Talsco Aerospace Manufacturing, Rolar Products

Customer Reviews:

We immediately saw an improvement in our costing process and in tracking our production, and with as fast as we are growing, Realtrac made a big contribution to our processes and our profits right away. — Jacoby Custom Cues
Realtrac works the way we do to follow every detail of our operations. — Unique Manufacturing 


22.  MRPeasy

MRPeasy logo

Summary: You can create a multi-level BOM, create a phantom assembly kit, revise your BOMs, connect your BOMs and routings, add packaging materials to BOMS, enter a fixed quantity of materials, estimate the cost of a BOM, and calculate the actual material cost for products.

Pricing: Starts at $49 per user per month.

Top Clients:  Sox Trot LLC, Alter Consulting, Virtual-E Corporation, Controllis Limited 

Customer Reviews: 

Just like its name, it was easy to implement, and we can manufacture our products to a rigid flow ensuring safe and quality product. All these advantages and no server to have to manage. — Anicell Biotech
This is one of the best programmed software out there for this industry. — Business Solution Providers, Inc.


23.  MIE Trak PRO

MIE Solutions MIE Trak PRO logo

Summary: MIE Trak Pro’s inventory management tool allows you to create inventory worksheets, serialize  inventory items, auto-generate pick lists, generate multiple-vendor price lists, create alternative part numbers, create kit options, create inventory by any unit of measure, create 12 price-breaks per item, and get recommended purchasing information based on usage.

Pricing: Starts at $125.

Top Clients: CableTalk, Cicon Engineering, Cole Kepro, Consolidated Machine & Welding

Customer Reviews:

MIE Trak Pro has been a great tool to manage every aspect of our production. — Sunrise Machine & Tool
Readily adaptable, quality service. — Nucon Corp


24.  Adaptive Compliance Engine (ACE)

Adaptive Compliance PSC Software logo

Summary: This enterprise quality management system allows you to create custom dashboards. Therefore, you can organize, maintain, and track all current and open projects and reports regardless of your company’s size or situation. Similarly, you will maintain efficiency through configurable filters with real time updates, for instance. This permits seamless understanding within your organization while eliminating human communication errors or missed important deadlines. 

Pricing: Contact the company on their site for pricing information.

Top Clients: Medtronic, Articulate Labs, Seattle Genetics

Customer Reviews

ACE Essentials™ QMS has been a great system to work with. We’ve found that the system strikes a good balance between ease of use and comprehensive QA coverage. We’ve also had plenty of help from ACE™ whenever we required it. For a company and staff that’s still getting their heads around everything required in quality systems, ACE Essentials™ has been a valuable tool. — Articulate Labs

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25.  EVO-ERP

EVO-ERP logo

Summary: EVO-ERP’s Bill of Materials and Routings tool provides extreme flexibility in defining the manufacturing parameters for any item. Bills of Materials can contain any number of components per level and up to 35 levels of structure within a top level assembly. Labor can be defined as a component in the Bill of Material ("Labor" type inventory item) or it can be defined based on labor standards in Routings, which are step by step manufacturing instructions including labor standards, vendor processing instructions, and internal work instructions satisfying ISO requirements. If Routings are used, detailed labor reporting can be performed collecting Labor data by employee and task, either by manual entry of time sheets or by real time Data Collection using barcodes.

Pricing: EVO-ERP offers a 30-day trial—contact the company for more information.

Top Clients: Vermont Hardwoods, CTM Magnetics, Urethane Investors

Customer Reviews:

Because of our new product development which we have received patents on, our new products have BOMs that contain up to 100 items, many of which are custom fabricated parts to our drawings. Nearly every month for us is setting new records. I cannot imagine managing what we are now required to do without EVO! We were just surveyed by a multinational multibillion dollar per year customer with excellent results. — CTM Magnetics


26.  Priority

Priority logo

Summary: Priority‘s Inventory Control module, part of their Supply Chain Management software, provides the ability to efficiently manage all stages of the product life cycle. The module enables users to manage inventory levels and maintain tight controls on inventory replenishment, minimizing excess stock and ensuring timely order fulfillment. BOM capabilities are included in this module.

Pricing: Contact the company for more information.

Top Clients: Light & Green, Solara, RMC, Merley

Customer Reviews:

With Priority, we’ve increased our daily order lines by 150%. We’ve gone from processing 10,000 order lines a day during our peak sales period, to 15,000 a day! Priority has given us the capacity to grow our business organically. — Hillier Nursuries
With Priority on board, we almost instantly felt the difference in our operations, from our finance department to our inventory and warehouse management – even our distribution system and our drivers were amazed! — Future Cells


27.  aACE

aACE logo

Summary: aACE is designed for companies that have outgrown small-business packages and patchwork solutions or are frustrated by expensive ERP systems. Many aACE customers “see a return on their investment within the first year,” they promise. aACE supports single- and multi-level bills of materials for your made-to-order (MTO) and made-to-stock (MTS) assemblies: bill of material components can be either fixed (such as machine setup time) or variable costs.

Pricing: Starts at $99 per user per month.

Top Clients: Southwest Auto Accessories, Troy Filters, Gable, Special EFX

Customer Reviews:

Instead of simply maintaining our system, they took the time to understand our processes and worked with us to build a customized aACE system suited to our needs. The results exceeded our expectations, saving us several months of man-hours while improving the quality of our products. — McGraw Hill


28. Skubana

Skubana logo

Summary: Skubana is an automation platform that integrates with today's leading ecommerce partners, marketplaces, and 3PLs, like Zapier and QuickBooks. Whether you utilize your own warehouses, 3PL's, dropshippers, or FBA fulfillment centers, Skubana promises to track every single unit and synchronize it with every channel you sell on with pinpoint accuracy and unmatched speed. They offer multi-warehouse inventory, true inventory count, and over/underselling prevention. Skubana has the ability to build and track bundles and kits, which can function similar to a bill of materials. When the final product of an SKU is ordered, the software will deduct from all the appropriate component SKUs on the backend for each sale. 

Pricing: Pricing starts at $1000 dollars per month.

Top Clients: Vision Path, Inc., M. Gemi, Honeylove, Snowe

Customer Reviews:

You wake up in the morning, you look at your dashboard, and you know everything that’s happening, and you know what you need to do, what’s an action item, how many orders are coming in. — Nomad
While we’re sleeping, Skubana is crunching large volumes of moving data in real time, and always calculates the right quantity at the right time. It automates half our operations and accurately informs the rest. Now that we’ve integrated Skubana, we’ve yet to oversell one single item. — Death Wish Coffee


29. Stitch Labs

Stitch Labs logo

Summary: Stitch Labs offers a unified, real-time view of stock levels and inventory performance across channels and locations from one inventory control. With StitchX, you can automatically break apart bundle components for split or partial fulfillment across one or multiple warehouses, and access at-a-glance view and quick-edit ability of inventory per variant.

Pricing: Stitch offers three tiers—Essentials, High-Growth, and Premium subscriptions. Prices start at $799 per month.

Top Clients: Unbound Babes, Brookline, Topo Designs, Thinx, Chubbies

Customer Reviews:

I actually, seriously, don’t remember what we did before Stitch. — Brooklinen
When you're selling things, having product and knowing where it is is key and Stitch has become the brain for that. If we want to know when we’re getting more product in, we look at Stitch. If we want to know how many things we have left to sell, we look at Stitch. It's the first thing we look at. — Topo Designs


30. DEAR Systems

DEAR Systems logo

Summary: With DEAR’s bill of materials software, you enjoy a 360-degree view of your production costs and inventory status so that you can make strategic business decisions informed by a wealth of data — like pricing strategies or loss reduction practices. You can calculate the required quantity of raw materials needed to create a finished good, build multi-level BOMs for layered finished goods, and automatically assemble product bundles or kitsets with DEAR’s auto-assembly feature. You can also edit or remove components within a BOM to suit your production needs on the go.

Pricing: Pricing begins at either $2739 annually with the first month free, or $249 per month.  Request a consultation to learn more about pricing.

Top Clients: Love Tea, Electromek, Calibre, Just Snacks

Customer Reviews:

The first year we used DEAR, we concentrated on sales growth and saw an 18% increase in our top-line revenue because of the extra insight it gave us. — Nashville Olive Oil Co
DEAR was a subtle shift with huge ramification. — Brite Source


31. Cin7

Cin7 logo

Summary: Cin7 offers different software options depending on your industry: manufacturing, multichannel and chain retail, multichannel wholesale, and multi-entity business are available choices. Their Products module allows you to assemble multi-level BOMs.

Pricing: Cin7 offers three pricing tiers, which begin at $299 per month.

Top Clients: Invisawear, Caterpy, Anova, Sike Design

Customer Reviews:

We tried maybe six systems, and only with Cin7 did we get the feeling that the developers understand what they’re doing. Core Cin7 is fantastic. Our products are about bundles, and the support of bundles in Cin7 is extraordinary. — Gritomatic


32.  SAP

SAP logo

Summary: With SAP, you can create the following single or multi-level BOMs in the SAP system: Material BOMs, Equipment BOMs, Functional location BOMs, Document structures, Order BOMs, and Work breakdown structure (WBS) BOMs. And you can use the standard profile provided with the standard SAP System, or you can define your own display profile to adapt the list to your requirements. Each profile can be displayed on the screen as well as printed out.

Pricing: Starts at $110 per user per month or $1357 per user, paid once.

Top Clients: The Coca-Cola Company, DHL, Ford Motor Company, Airbus,The Dow Chemical Company, eBay

Customer Reviews:

The SAP Extended Warehouse Management application, improves the productivity of our warehouse staff and gives us greater inventory accuracy and stock transparency. — Puget Sound Energy


33.  Odoo

Odoo logo

Summary: With Odoo, you can link multiple BoMs to each product and use it to describe multiple variants of them. Each BoM will, yet, be associated with one product only. This feature will help optimize your manufacturing process while saving you time.

Pricing: Odooo prices by application, starting at $24 per user per month and $288 per user per year.

Top Clients: Omnia Solutions, URSA, Dynapps, BHC, Acsone

Customer Reviews:

With Odoo, you have the freedom. Freedom of having the source code, the freedom to modify it, the freedom to share with others... I think that's really important. Similarly, what comes right along with that is flexibility and the comprehensiveness, all the different areas that Odoo covers. — Gregory Mader, President at URSA

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