How CPG Brands Can Sustain Growth in a Volatile Market

About The Webinar

It’s no secret that running a brand is hard work; scaling one is even tougher. Add a pressing global crisis into the mix and all bets are off. All of a sudden, the path ahead isn’t so clear. Let’s change that.

Join us as we learn from two of CPG’s very best VCs and operators, Guatam Gupta and Alex Malamatinas. They have had a hand in growing brands from seed to $100B+ IPOs. They’ve also experienced their fair share of failures. Plenty of them. All the better.

On April 9, join us as they share what they believe are the three key areas to focus on during times of crisis—how to survive, thrive, and grow even when the going gets tough. Together with Unioncrate, the leading demand planning and supply chain management platform, they will discuss the financial actions that are most crucial during uncertain times; how to best set a business up for successful funding; and how best to utilize technology and optimize working capital.

We’ve brought together two experts in building brands.

Gautam Gupta

Prior to M13, Gautam was founder/CEO of NatureBox , a digitally native brand of snacks. He started the company because of my passion for nutrition. Earlier in life, learning about nutrition helped him lose 70 lbs in 6 months. While he was lucky to lose the weight, he believed the next generation of food has to be about change. The company has attracted millions of customers and has over 40% brand awareness across the country. They achieved a lot but had their fair share of bumps. This experience gave him many hard-earned lessons in management, scaling, raising capital, and dealing with “shit-hit-the-fan” moments.

Gautam started his career as an early stage investor at General Catalyst. He had the great fortune to join the firm when he was 18 years old and spent the first 8 years of his career as part of the team that scaled it from a small firm to one with a global reach. He helped open the west coast office.

As a professional and angel investor, he has funded 25+ companies. This portfolio generates over $1.5B in annual sales and includes BigCommerce, GoodData, Honest Company, Grammarly, Imperfect Produce, Pilot, The Pill Club, Heap Analytics, Split.io, among others.

Alex Malamatinas

Alex is the Founder and Managing Partner of Melitas Ventures, which he launched in November 2017. Alex has extensive experience partnering with early stage food and beverage companies and was a senior member of the investment team at Indus Capital (seeded by Soros) and Tyrian Investments (seeded by Julian Robertson). Alex co-Founded Philox, European networking website, in 2006, and began his career in Morgan Stanley’s New York and London offices. Alex received his MBA from Wharton (major in Finance) and BA in Political Science (Honors & Distinction) from Stanford University.


1. How to ensure solid, reliable financials

- How to hit key P&L KPIs
- How to best manage working capital and pivot when cash is king

2. Unlock the secrets of securing funding

‍- How to avoid the danger zones of incremental spend
- What key areas are investors eyeing in the short and long term?

3. Resource Management

- How to find the right balance between people and technology
- The positive impact of remote work (and pitfalls to avoid)

4. Tips on how brands can build a sustainable growth model

- Why discipline is the key to building an efficient, sustainable brands

5. AMA (Ask Me Anything)

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