Congested Ports, Sustainable Skittles, & Hanch: CPG News, Week of Mar 15-19

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March 19, 2021
by Sophie Guimaraes
5 minutes

Investments & Acquisitions

Amazon will be opening its 12th Amazon Fresh store in Long Beach, California. CNN Edition

Benson Hill, a food tech company that uses CRISPR to develop more nutritious ingredients, has launched new business segments dedicated to optimizing yellow pea and soybean proteins. Food Dive

The Fresh Market is reportedly considering an IPO. Winsight Grocery Business

Tyson will invest $55M to bolster its pre-packaged meat offerings. FoodBev

New Products & Partnerships

Brew Dr. has released its first-ever non-kombucha beverage: a line of probiotic-infused yerba mate drinks called Uplift. BevNet

PepsiCo has launched a new Mountain Dew energy drink, Mountain Dew Rise, which will be promoted by LeBron James. Food Dive

Hu is releasing a line of grain-free cookies. They will be paleo, keto, and free of added sugar. FoodBev

Danone is releasing pre-measured tabs of its Aptamil brand in the UK, a first-of-its-kind baby formula innovation. FoodBev

Boston startup K2 Ventures has launched high-protein snack brand Brave Good Kind, whose first product will be jerky-like chicken bites. Prepared Foods

Mars Wrigley and Danimer Scientific are collaborating to create biodegradable packaging for Skittles, which should be on shelves either late 2021 or early 2022. Food Dive

Wilde Brands, creators of chips made entirely out of chicken, is now releasing a line of chips made entirely out of pork. FoodBev

Red Bull’s new limited-edition flavor is—drumroll please—dragon fruit. FoodBev

Heinz Canada is launching some new flavor fusion sauces: Wasabioli, Tarchup, and… Hanch. FoodBev

Danone’s launching a new plant-based, responsibly sourced creamer called Honest to Goodness. Food Business News

As a result of predicting that 2020’s crafting boom will outlive the pandemic, Target is launching a crafting line called Mondo Llama for adults and kids alike. Modern Retail

Swedish ice cream brand Nick’s is making its foray into keto-friendly snack bars. Food Dive

Pepsi’s newest permanent flavor in five years—mango—will go live next week. BevNet

Supply Chain News

The world’s biggest cities have something in common right now: Thanks to clogged ports and Texas’s recent winter storms, supply chains are facing disruptions around the globe. The Wall Street Journal

Southern California is also currently experiencing logjams at its ports, especially Long Beach and Los Angeles. The Wall Street Journal

The Texas power outages have put a halt to the “world’s largest petrochemical complex,” creating supply chain disruptions for plastic users across all industries. The Wall Street Journal

Unilever has tapped into European retail tech and analytics company Tax and Roamler to help keep their shelves stocked in stores across Belgium and Italy. Consumer Goods Technology

Aldi plans to convert all of its packaging to sustainable material by 2025. Supply Chain Dive

Learn all about the ins and outs of automated packaging, which is poised to become a key asset to CPG supply chains in the coming years. Supply Chain Dive

For small- and medium-sized CPG brands, Shopify is becoming a more and more attractive alternative to selling on Amazon. The Wall Street Journal

Chobani, which is gearing up to IPO, has struck a distribution deal with PepsiCo for doors in the northeast. Food Dive

Good Reads

Read all about how Alibaba enables startups to make their foray into the Chinese market. Forbes

Investors are skeptical that grocery stores will maintain 2020’s Covid-driven momentum. Grocery Dive

Consumer Goods Technology has released its annual list of the 8 most innovative consumer goods companies. Consumer Goods Technology

One year after the start of the pandemic, food and beverages are still at the forefront of consumer goods spending. Supermarket News

What’s next for consumer supply chains? Hear what Forbes has to say about it. Forbes

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