Supply planning ai

Know the inventory you need and the supply to build it.

Unioncrate’s AI-powered Supply Chain Planning Platform uses your demand forecasts to predict current and future supply needs, helping you reduce working capital, optimize purchasing, and raise service levels.

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Inventory Forecasts

The inventory you need to fulfill demand

Our AI builds inventory forecasts based on your predicted sales so you can optimize your stock, by warehouse and by SKU.

Optimize working capital

Use our AI-generated inventory recommendations to avoid spoilage, dead stock, high storage costs, and other working capital inefficiencies related to all your finished goods, raw materials, and components.

Reduce logistics costs

Easily gauge days of supply and predict optimal safety stock quantities at the item level across all warehouses, allowing you to reduce costly transfers between locations.

Material Forecasts

Order materials based on finished goods needs

Understand the amounts of raw materials and components needed to fulfill future demand so you can better schedule production runs, allocate labor, and optimize logistics.

Dynamic supply calculator

Drill down into your BOMs and calculate the quantities of each raw component needed to meet demand for every finished good. Then, generate POs and upload them to your ERP.

Reduce working capital

Take advantage of larger discounts with bulk orders from suppliers. Decrease your spoilage by knowing the exact raw materials and components needed for every finished good.

Visibility into your POs

Have visibilty into the POs you need with the ability to download suggested purchase orders from our platform. Upload them to your ERP to execute faster with your vendors.

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As easy to implement as it is to use.

Deploying Unioncrate is simple, non-intrusive, and takes minimal resources from your team. You don't have to rip out existing platforms or disrupt your teams. Unioncrate connects to your current ERP—or, you can upload CSV files to our platform.