Supply chain analytics

Planning insights for better business

Unioncrate’s AI-powered Supply Chain Planning Platform automatically delivers the actionable insights you need to capture untapped value across your supply chain.

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Know the dynamics of your forecasts

With Unioncrate’s platform, you’ll have intuitive dashboards that give cross-functional teams total visibility into historical actuals, future and augmented forecasts, and metrics that help you understand your business at a glance, eliminating needless calls and tedious back-and-forth correspondence.

View actuals with forecasts

Compare actuals and forecasts within a period, with respect to the previous period and year, as well as filter by calendar interval (weekly and monthly, fiscal and Gregorian).

Understand deltas in data

View actuals and deltas by relative and absolute values, including the units, case equivalents, and dollars metrics. Also view trend lines of AI-powered forecasts and augmented forecasts.

Slice and dice your data

Slice and dice your data at different levels, including warehouse, channel, customer, shipping location, brand, segment, and product, as well as any combination of those.

Historical sales analysis

View accuracy and error percentages using WMAPE, MAPE, MAD, and BIAS statistics at any hierarchy, including product level, channel, brand, customer, segment, ship-from, ship-to, and whichever combinations of those that suit your business.

Automated error analysis

Understand what's causing forecast errors without spending hours digging through reports or analyzing data from sales, supply, marketing, and logistics teams. Dig into the error contribution by brand, product, customer, channel, and ship-to—ranked according to impact or volume.

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As easy to implement as it is to use.

Deploying Unioncrate is simple, non-intrusive, and takes minimal resources from your team. You don't have to rip out existing platforms, or disrupt your teams. Unioncrate connects to your current ERP—or, you can upload CSV files to our platform.